Kaffe & Tonic

The peculiar Kaffe & Tonic (aka. Espresso Tonic) was invented in Oslo in 2007. At staff party attended by Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand, a colleague mixed some espresso with tonic and syrup to create a quick, alcohol-free cocktail. The drink was found to be quite refreshing.

Later, Lunell and Nystrand opened the Koppi Roaster’s Cafe in Helsingborg. Kaffe & Tonic was put directly on the menu. The ‘instagrammable’ nature of the drink made it the most popular iced coffee at Koppi.

Ann Lunell and Charles Nystrand. Photo Sprudge.

Koppi sadly closed in 2017.

Kaffe & Tonic

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By Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand Serves: 1
Cooking Time: None


  • Tonic water, chilled
  • 30ml espresso



Fill a big glass (350 ml) all the way to the rim with ice (lots of ice is critical).


Pour over the tonic and let it sit while you make the espresso. Add two of slices of lime.


Make the espresso and pour the shot gently over the ice. Serve it immediately.

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