The Nosey Chef web site was created to resynthesise food history, banish myths, and find the original recipes – some of which have been obfuscated or lost by time and convenience.

The Nosey Chef team initially comprised two old university friends, Nigel and Andrew, who reconnected a few years ago to discover that both of us were spending a lot of time in the kitchen getting very excited about learning how to cook properly. As we cooked our way through classic soufflés, raviolis and hollandaise, we could not help but be enchanted the stories that lie behind the food we love. We were later joined by Nigel’s wife, Ann Marie, who is an Autronesian-born home cook with a passion for all things spicy

We believe that the greatest understanding of food and recipes comes from knowing where, when and why dishes came into being. By doing this, we can preserve authenticity, and make sensible modern adaptations that do not utterly lose sight of the original.

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The Nosey Chef team cook with Atul Kochhar at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, London March 2019
The Nosey Chef team delivering a cocktail evening at Goyt Wines, High Peak, December 2017