Gingerbread Espresso Martini

The origin of this riff on the Espresso Martini is unknown, but one sip go it will transport you three weeks ahead to Christmas Eve. Now I have discovered this drink, I know what me and my partner will be having the night before there Big Day. There are a bunch of versions of this cocktail – some use vodka, some use gin. We have gone for the vodka as it seems to be the most common variant.

Gingerbread Espresso Martini

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Serves: 1
Cooking Time: None


  • 50ml vodka
  • 15ml gingerbread syrup
  • 25ml chilled espresso
  • Cinnamon, coffee beans and candied ginger to garnish



Rim a martini glass with cinnamon


Shake all the ingredients with ice. Strain into the glass and garnish with three coffee beans and a skewered cube of candied ginger.

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