Hi, we are two old university friends, Nigel Eastmond and Andrew Cormack, who reconnected a few years ago to discover that both of us were spending a lot of time in the kitchen getting very excited about learning classic cookery. This is in complete contrast to what we used to get up to in our late teens and early twenties. Nigel lives up in Derbyshire, and Andrew all the way down by the sea in Hampshire.

Both of us, at one stage or another, got our mitts on copies of Larousse Gastronomique, and this led to something of an obsession for doing things ‘right.’ When we cook a new dish, or even when we eat out, we are on the hunt for the original way of making it. When we cook at home, we take these recipes and adapt them a little to domestic kitchens in England. When we eat out, we are constantly asking the restaurant staff how things are made (hence ‘Nosey’).

If you stick around this blog, you will have the chance to see us try, succeed and fail to make a range of classics, while trying to come up with inventive ways to use the leftovers – because there can be no waste in food these days.

The blog is also linked to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so you can be sure not to miss a post.

All the best,

The Nosey Chef team delivering a cocktail evening at Goyt Wines, High Peak, December 2017